Fortuitously back in 1999 I found Joe Liburdi’s dive shop in Irvine. In need of updating my dive gear I visited the shop. Guess who waited on me - none other than a very young and so courteous Evan Sherman!  And a relationship was begun - a diving one that is! I enjoyed some of the best and exotic diving adventures on this planet with the Liburdi’s - and Evan was with our group on many of these. So when the Liburdi’s joined in partnership with Seasick Productions the superb quality of our trips were doubly enhanced!

Seasick Productions’ attention to detail, before, during, and after each trip is outstanding. I for one don’t want to be bothered planning a dive trip. It’s just too much of a hassle. Believe me before discovering Joe’s scuba shop I did make dive trips on my own. Just not the same!   Thankfully under the guidance of Seasick Productions all these details are done. I just have to pack my luggage and tag along. Each destination is thoroughly investigated; airline flights are researched and recommended; details for our arrival and departures are done; and the last night parties are always lively with merriment and  surprises. Traveling with Seasick Productions one absolutely gets their money’s worth! I just want to win the lottery so I can keep going and going and going! And, I gotta stop aging! LOL!

Joan A

Being an avid UW photographer, I am very specific about the quality of dive locations and photo subjects in my travel selection. Evan Sherman from Seasick Productions, an accomplished UW videographer, knows how to find those locations, push the envelope safely and create unique photo opportunities with a customer first attitude.

Roeland P

Evan started traveling with us when he was 11. He started working in Joe’s dive shop when he was 17. You could say he grew up in the scuba business. His role in our travel business was minor at first. He was our shirpa, carrying our luggage. Little by little he became more and more involved, helping plan the trips and
creating our marketing materials. As we got older, he got better, managing the on-site logistics, making sure every facet of the trip unfolded as we’d intended. While Joe and I sat with the guests and played host and hostess.

Our business thrived with the three of us working together.And then, last year, it was time for Joe and I to step aside. The partnership betweenJoeLiburdi.com Tours and Seasick Productions ended in May 2017. We entrusted Evan to with our reputation and the hundreds of friends who had traveled with us for so many years. Evan grabbed the torch and has been running at full speed with it since.

We are so proud of his abilities, his gift for detail, his service with a smile, the way he interacts with the guests and the professional and astute way he interacts with the dive operations and resort. He is good at organizing quality dive trips. We know our friends are in good hands.

Now we go on Seasick trips as special guests. And Evan still carries our luggage.

Joe Liburdi and Cara Sherman