RED SEA • SEPTEMBER 12-19, 2020


We’ve always wanted to dive the Red Sea, but the timing was never right. And after years of impatiently waiting, we feel the time to visit this region has arrived! Diving can be done from a land-based resort, but the best way to experience the Red Sea is by liveaboard. Search “Red Sea liveaboard” and you’ll quickly discover that there are dozens of choices ranging in price, size and quality. Don’t be fooled. A 5-Star rating in this part of the world doesn’t guarantee anything. Luckily, we know your preferences, tastes and expectations. As a result, we selected (at the time of this writing) the most recently renovated and amenity-laden boat that the Red Sea has to offer. Nope, it is not a brand-new boat, but you would never know it by the looks of this 139' stunner. Not only did we secure a very cool boat managed by a professional and experienced crew, but we contracted it during the best time of year. You may be thinking, “diving the Red Sea would be exciting but what about the Pyramids?” Don’t worry, we got that covered too.


The Red Sea is an extension of the Indian Ocean which separates the coasts of Egypt, Sudan, and Eritrea to the west from those of Saudi Arabia and Yemen to the east. Due to the heat combined with the lack of precipitation, the Red Sea contains some of the world’s warmest and saltiest seawater.  Its connection to the Mediterranean Sea makes the Red Sea one of the most heavily-traveled waterways in the world, carrying maritime traffic between Europe and Asia. The name, “Red Sea”, comes from the seasonal blooms of algae, which turn the sea a reddish-brown color upon dying off. 

Location: Between Africa and Asia • Bordering Countries: Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti • Surface Area: 169,000 sq mi • Max Length: 1,400 mi • Max Width: 221 mi • Average Depth: 1,610' • Max Depth: 9,970' • Primary Inflows: Barka River, Haddas River, Anseba River • Primary Outflows: Bab-el-Mandeb Strait


The Red Sea gets warm sunshine all year round with very little precipitation. The climate is subtropical desert with very mild winters and very hot summers. Summer temperatures in June, July and August can reach 104°F with high humidity but then gradually decrease in September and October to a more pleasant average high of 93°F.

In other words, you’ll feel like you are in Africa at the end of the summer!



Launched in November 2018, the Blue Force 3 is one of the finest liveaboard diving boats in the Red Sea. It is elegant, it is comfortable, it is functional. On board you will find everything you need to enjoy a great diving experience in the waters of the Red Sea. Twelve well-appointed cabins can accommodate 26 guests. We have elected to do a limited load charter. Our private charter will have only 22 guests! That means more space, more comfort, more personal attention, and more opportunities underwater. The boat has a large swim platform, multiple social (or common) areas to chill, upper deck lounge, sun deck, and bar. Don’t forget, a fancy boat is great but it is the crew that makes a trip special. The Blue Force 3 crew have years (some have decades) of experience and will do everything they can to put us on the action while locating dive sites that aren’t swarming with other divers.

Type: Motor Yacht (M/Y) • Year Renovated: 2018 • Length: 139' • Beam: 28.5' • Cruising speed: 12 knots • Number of passengers: 26 (22 for Seasick Productions)

ACCOMMODATIONS: Total 12 cabins. 6 Lower Deck cabins, 2 Main Deck cabins, 4 Upper Deck Cabins. 1 Double bed + 1 Single bed in all Lower Deck and Upper Deck cabins. All cabins have individually controlled air-conditioning with contemporary interiors, en-suite bathrooms with fresh hot and cold water, and safe. Hair dryers are available upon request.

FACILITIES: 2 solariums with sunbeds and mattresses (in the bow and the upper bridge). Bar on the upper deck. Spacious living room with sofas. Outdoor dining. Audio and video entertainment. Photography station. Separate rinse for underwater camera. Camera tables and charging points.

LOWER DECK CABIN (6 Available)
Full bathroom, safe, and individually controlled air-conditioning. Hair dryers are available upon request.

MAIN DECK CABIN (2 Available)
Full bathroom, safe, and individually controlled air-conditioning. Hair dryers are available upon request. These cabins have an obstructed view.

UPPER DECK CABIN (4 Available)
Full bathroom, safe, and individually controlled air-conditioning. Hair dryers are available upon request.

• 2 cabins with one double bed + two single beds and bathroom (Cabin 1, 2)
• 4 cabins with one double bed + one single bed and bathroom (Cabin 3, 4, 5, 6)

• 2 cabins with two single beds and bathroom (Cabin 7, 8)

• 4 cabins with one double bed + one single bed and bathroom (Cabin 9, 10, 11, 12)


DEPTH: 10' - 130'+ (From shallow reefs to deep walls)

VISIBILITY: 65'-100'+

CURRENTS: From slow to ripping. They can be especially strong at some of the offshore dive sites, but this is what brings in the big stuff

WATER TEMPERATURE: Expect water temperatures to be around 82°F

DIVE SEASON: The diving is good all year long, but peak season is March, April, May, September, October and November

SKILL LEVEL: There’s something for every diver here, from beginner to intermediate to seasoned veteran

FEATURED CREATURES: You’ll find just about everything here, from wrecks and reefs to sharks and (possibly) dolphins


Note: Route and dive sites are subject to weather conditions and local seasonal knowledge. The final route taken is at the absolute discretion of the captain and dive guides.

North Route aka Wrecks and Reef Route: The North Route is a complete and simple route, matching all diving levels (although the Blue Force 3 recommends advanced open water level or equivalent). The sailing is short and pleasant, reaching the furthest dive sites in about two hours. Guests will have the opportunity to dive in Ras Mohammed National Park and the Straits of Tiran, visit a living WWII museum at the wreck of SS Thistlegorm, explore spectacular wrecks like the Dunraven, Giannis D, Carnatic, and the Kingston. Combined with reefs in pristine dive sites like Small Crack or Shag Rock and the possibility of snorkeling with dolphins makes this option a diver’s favorite.


Note: The dive sites below are examples only and are not guaranteed. All dives sites are subject to weather conditions and local seasonal knowledge and are at the absolute discretion of the captain and dive guides.


The Straits of Tiran, are actually a submerged ridge that rises from more than 1000' depth and extends from the southeast point of Sinai to the island of Tiran. It is basically a passage between the Gulf of Aqaba and the main basin of the Red Sea, forming an area of strong tidal currents. The reefs are famous for the quality of their coral and abundant sea life. Large oceanic sightings are typical.

A circular reef where there is a large sandy plateau and remains of a shipwreck. The wreck of the Lullia lays right atop the reef (since 1983) making her a superb landmark. Very suitable for check dives on the South Plateau and also some super nice drift dives along the east and west walls.

Thomas is the smallest of the four reefs of Tiran, and if conditions are calm, it is possible to circle around the entire reef. There are no moorings, so all dives are drift dives. In the blue there is always the possibility of finding large pelagic fish cruising by and even hammerhead sharks are sometimes seen.

It is considered the best reef in the area due to the quality of the corals, abundance of wildlife and encounters with pelagic life. It is a round reef with vertical walls and a shallow coral garden on the west side. Continually swept by strong currents (sometimes extremely strong), it’s great for wild drift dives, large fish life encounters and beautiful coral sightings. During the summer months, small groups of hammerhead sharks reside in the northern area.


At Anemone City there are dozens of huge anemones hosting a multitude of clownfish and damsels. While crossing over the walls of Shark Reef possible sightings include sharks, tuna, red snapper and other pelagic marine animals. The dive continues in the shallows with parts of the Yolanda freighter ship which struck the reef and gave it its name. Among the debris, there is a large collection of toilets and the remains of the captain’s BMW. The area around the wreck often houses lionfish, blue-spotted stingrays and moray eels.

Ras Ghozlani is a beautiful dive site of pinnacles in different shapes and sizes, covered with table corals, Gorgonian fans and healthy soft corals. The pinnacles are teeming with Anthias and other colorful reef fish.


One of the world’s most famous wrecks, it is located in Shaab Ali, about 30 miles from Sharm El Sheikh. It was sunk by German aircrafts in October of 1941 and later discovered by Jacques Cousteau. It offers spectacular dives with its sunken cargo of trucks, cars, motorcycles, locomotives, weapons, ammunitions, wagons, aircraft wings, boots, and more. Normally a minimum of two dives are on the wreck, one outside, visiting the propeller, anti-aircraft gun and locomotives and another one going through all its decks and holds.

This is a cargo ship, 310' long. On August 16th, 1887, she ran aground the reef and finally sank four days later, with much of her cargo. She lies at a depth of 92' and only her stern remains intact.

This old barge lies at a maximum depth of 46'. Expect to see moray eels, salt and pepper eels, lion fish, stone fish, crocodile fish, angel fish, and possibly Napoleon wrasse.

The British cargo ship, sunk in 1869, is at a maximum depth of 85'. This beautiful and very authentic old ship, lies on her port side, and her wooden beams and internal structures are covered in soft corals and glass fish. Her bow and stern are intact, yet the mid ship has disappeared. Barrels and a few broken wine bottles are all that remain of her cargo.

This Greek cargo ship lies at a depth of 78', with her whole mid ship completely destroyed yet her bow and stern, which lies on a 45 degree angle, are intact. Her cabins, helms room and common quarters have been cleared up to permit safe dives through the ship.

On February 22nd, 1881, the Kingston sank while transporting a cargo of coal. Only the stern of the ship remains intact, yet the amazing table corals and amount of surgeon fish that reside on her, make it a worthy dive.

A shallow corridor with hundreds of table corals, grape corals, soft corals, stag corals and sponges. In the corridor there are residents like an enormous Hatchet fish family and different sorts of yellow tail barracudas.


Arrive at Hurghada airport. Assisted by Blue Force Fleet with visa processing and baggage. Transfer to Blue Force 3

Dive Day 1: 3-4 dives

Dive Day 2: 3-4 dives

Dive Day 3: 3-4 dives

Dive Day 4: 3-4 dives

Dive Day 5: 3-4 dives

Dive Day 6: 2-3 dives

Guests joining Nile River Cruise and Cairo extension: Disembark at 9:00am and land transfer to Luxor (4hrs). Board river boat.
Guests not joining Nile River Cruise and Cairo extension: Disembark at 9:00am and transfer to hotel in Hurghada. Free day. Dinner and overnight at the hotel

Guests not joining Nile River Cruise and Cairo extension: Hotel check-out. Transfer to Hurghada Airport


8 days / 7 nights aboard the Blue Force 3
6 days diving
3-4 dives per day
Tanks • Weights • Towels
Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner
Snacks • Tea and coffee
1 Night in Hurghada Hotel (Double Occ)*
Group airport and resort transfers
Supplemental travel cancellation insurance
Limited passenger fee
Pre-trip party in Orange County, CA
Post-trip party in Orange County, CA


Available on a first-come first-serve basis

With Reservation $1,000
September 1, 2019 $1,000
May 1, 2020 Balance

Prices subject to change
Gratuities not included 


* 1 Night in Hurghada Hotel (Double Occ) on September 19 is included for all guests who will not be participating in the Nile River Cruise and Cairo extension. Hotel cannot be used on any other dates. No refunds will be issued if hotel is not utilized.

Service tax (Crew tip) of $80 plus Park and Port taxes of $184 per person are required. Payable on Blue Force 3

International flights • Domestic flights • Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks • Meals not indicated • Egypt Visa ($25) • Equipment rentals • Departure tax (if applicable) • Private transfers • Travel insurance (recommended) • Dive insurance (required) • Crew gratuities • On-board WiFi • Possible increases in fuel and taxes (TBD)

We require DAN or equivalent dive accident and evacuation insurance and strongly recommend dive trip/travel and equipment insurance.
There are no refunds for lost days of diving due to weather or equipment issues.




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