Preproduction is all the technical and fiscal matters that must be settled before shooting. It is the most significant phase of any project. It starts with the client’s the idea, poked, prodded, and molded into a definitive plan. All the essential elements are carefully delineated. This is business end, where we design the project within the parameters of your budget.  This is where aesthetic decisions for optimal communication are made. This is where all the creative technicians begin their work.  

Trust Seasick Productions with your needs and we will come up with a plan.

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• Script/Outline

• Storyboarding

• Location Scouting

• Location Manager

• Production Coordination

• Production Management

• Logistics

• Permits

• Talent Casting

• Budgeting/Billing

• Travel logistics


Here’s where we make the script come alive. Where all the plans are executed. Where creative minds behind the lenses are given license to express their creativity and improvise. Video production is an amalgamation of engineering, economics and art. Effective video requires a team good in all three.

• Cinematography

• Directing

• Lighting

• Audio

• Art

• Teleprompting

• Make Up

• Wardrobe

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Postproduction is the technical phase where raw footage is transformed into a finished product. Video images cannot stand alone. To convey the message, it must be augmented by voice over, music, graphics and transitions. This is when the magic happens.

State-of-the-art computer equipment and software in the hands of expert and creative editors transform it into a cohesive story with impact—video that will be watched.

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• Editing

• Voice Over

• Sound Effects

• Color Grading

• 2D Motion Graphics

• 3D Motion Graphics

• Captions

• Subtitles

• Music Composition

• Media Management

• DVD Authoring

• Packaging

• Encoding