A professional photographer needs a veritable arsenal of superior-quality photographic equipment and accessories to create that one powerful image that will convey the message precisely. Our team of imaging specialists employs a broad range of tools that have been proven to reliably and consistently yield the highest caliber images. Each component—camera, flash, lens, filter, and so on—plays a critical role in capturing the image that portrays the director’s vision for the client. These components in the hands of our gifted photographers make pixels a fine art.



SEASICK WEB Photo Pre Production

• Script/Outline

• Location Scouting

• Location Manager

• Production Coordination

Production Management

• Logistics

• Permitting

• Equipment Rentals

• Talent Casting

• Budgeting/Billing

• Travel logistics


SEASICK WEB Photo Production

• Photography

• Directing

• Lighting

• Art


SEASICK WEB Photo Post Production

• Editing

• Photoshop

• Media Management