Underwater communications comes in two flavors: Hard-Wire Systems and Through-water Systems. Seasick Productions offers a complete line of both Through-water and Hard-wire systems designed to meet the demanding needs of the Commercial Diver.


Hard-wire communications typically means that the divers will be using a system similar to an intercom. The divers will be wearing a helmet or full-face mask (ffm) equipped with an earphone and a microphone. The intercoms are referred to as "Air Radios", but it does not send out radio signals, it simply uses the communication wire to carry the signal. If the diving profile calls for long durations or deep depths, mixed gases may be used.

Through-water voice communications usually relates to underwater communications that use the water to carry the signal.  They are also called Wireless, Sonic, Ultrasonic or Acoustic telephones. This differs greatly from a Hard-wire underwater communications device which uses a cable to carry the transmission.


The products that Seasick Productions offers are compact, self-contained two- or one-diver air intercoms.  They will allow one or two divers clear, intelligible communications in the 2- or 4-wire mode.  However, up to six divers can be stacked and all be on line together (4-wire mode). The 20 watts of power ensures clean, crisp communications over long lengths of cable.  A battery protection microprocessor protects batteries from being damaged due to extreme low voltage conditions.


Seasick Productions offers a wide variety of full-face masks. Each manufacturer has designed special features which enhance the performance of their full-face masks.


Seasick Productions offers a complete line of state-of-the-art Ultrasonic Transceivers designed for the sport diver. We provide two models: one channel (standard) or the new two channel digital model. The new digital transceiver has a voice menu, two channels, volume control and continuous transmit mode.

The patented transceiver has an acoustic underwater telephone originally designed for professional search and rescue teams. It is US Navy approved and being used by many government divers around the world. It is configured for all styles of Interspiro (IS) and the Guardian full-face mask. This system is well known worldwide as the highest quality underwater communications system available and is widely used by the movie industry.

How does it work?  When the diver enters the water, the transceiver powers up and cycles to the receive mode, ready to receive a message. When the divers want to transmit, they simply depress the button located on the cover plate and talk.  All divers and/or surface stations within range and on the same frequency will hear the message.


A Diver Recall System / Hydrophone is primarily designed to alert, recall or send voice communications to the divers.  The Diver Recall System / Hydrophone has been used on many movies. Directors love the fact they can talk to the cameraman and all personnel in the water.

A basic system consists of an electronic package, power source, transducer and some sort of microphone. All divers within range hear the communications. No listening device is required. 

The Diver Recall System / Hydrophone allows a user to talk with to all divers within a 100-yard range.  The user simply uses a hand-held push-to-talk microphone to project his voice into the water.  Other divers hear the voice. The user also has the choice of using tones rather than voice. Tones travel farther in the water then voice.  Our units have an Intermittent or Solid Tone.   Usually, the Solid Tone is used to alert divers that a voice communication is to follow or to stay on the bottom until further notice.  An intermittent Tone means to return to the surface. 

The Diver Recall System / Hydrophone that Seasick Productions utilizes is U.S. Navy approved and is a dive supervisor's best friend, allowing him to recall or alert all divers within range.  The system comes complete with a high-quality hand-held microphone, transducer with 25' of cable, rechargeable batteries, battery charger and main electronic unit.  

Hard-Wire Systems & Support Items

• One Diver Air Intercom

• Two Diver Air Intercom

• Two Diver Air Intercom (belt worn)

• Specially designed safety rope with 4 wires

• Microphones, Earphones, etc

• Diver Recall System

• Selection of full face masks

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Through-water Systems & Support Items

• Single Sideband 4 channel diver transceiver

• Surface station. Four channels

• Surface station. One channel

• Rebreather Communications (Long/Short Range)

• High Power diver transceiver includes secure mode w/o sleep mode

• Multi Battery Charging Station

• Surface Accessory Kit

• Selection of full -face masks

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