For many, the name “Bali” conjures up images of rice paddies, beautiful beaches and towering temples. Yet, for those in the know, this iconic Indonesian island is more often seen as home to some of the best diving in the world. But not just any diving: muck diving. What is muck diving, you ask? It’s a dive experience that defines the mud and mire that lay at the bottom of many dive sites. It is here where the treasures are found. Doesn’t sound like fun, huh? You have no idea.

The short film, Bali Close Up, reveals the allure of these hidden treasures, unimaginable numbers of creatures that flourish in the island’s underwater slopes. Here, in the northeastern part of the island, the most amazing, sublime and elusive animals struggle for existence in a world void of reef, a desert of black volcanic sand. Through the use of creative editing and unconventional shooting techniques, Bali Close Up captures intricate moments of life seldom seen. 

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